At Color Creations Africa, we recognize that innovation is the key to creating a successful business.
We have a young, dynamic team dedicated towards materializing our clients needs. Our exceptional ability to articulate design concepts in accordance to prescribed specifications by our clients gives us a competitive edge in this very dynamic industry. We are determined to make a difference in both our existing and new markets, and break new ground internationally as customers become increasingly complex and more elegant.

It is worth noting that Color Creations Africa Limited is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified production company and we ensure that our products undergo a quality-conscious process before delivering the final product to a client. This award demonstrates that quality is our top priority as we tirelessly work towards adding value to our products and services.

Our automated processes with state of the art machines makes us more efficient and cuts back on time taken taken to process our clients work. This ensures that our work is of quality and gives us an edge over our competitors.


Color Creations Africa is driven by Quality, innovation and efficiency. We are passionate about providing competitive corporate visibility as we continuously work towards our goal of "being your preferred visibility partner!"